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Give your idea the go-to-market advantage of an experienced team that has successfully guided both entrepreneurs and market leaders through the detailed and demanding process of bringing an innovative idea to market.

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has the potential to transform your industry

Altitude 59′ serves early-stage innovators like you with solid product commercialization expertise that ensures an assertive “Market-Make-Ready” lift-off. As your idea matures into a product, we ensure that your disruptive breakthroughs align with solving a definable market need.

Leverage our ability to multiply your potential—and your opportunities—driving awareness around your ideas and helping you achieve measurable success. The Altitude 59′ team of product experts has decades of regulatory, scientific, and strategic management and marketing expertise.

Together, our story-writers, brand-builders, market-analyzers, productization formulators, clinical validators, and awareness facilitators help you…

  • Assess the market need
  • Design and develop cutting-edge, valuable, and relevant products that the market wants
  • Market your products, so the world knows about them and wants to join your ecosystem

Elevate your innovations at the intersection of concept, trials, design, and marketing.

with game-changing ideas seeking a product-market fit.

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gives your brilliant idea an exceptional opportunity for success.

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Ready to commercialize your game-changing idea? Our expert team is prepared to assist you with a comprehensive three-prong approach.

Product Planning

Ideation, Screening, Concept Development

We help you refine your ideas and extract unparalleled insights from our global network of 300+ top-rated key opinion leaders in the field of medical devices, spanning 20+ countries. Our team works hand-in-hand with these experts, driving your concepts through the prototype phase and rigorously testing in clinics before spending time and resources in the development and validation phases.

Product Development & Validation

Clinical Development, Clinical Trial, and Regulatory Approval

Before putting your device through the FDA paces, we help you perfect your design and model your market to create a clear, step-wise product roadmap with a commercially viable and realistic regulatory path forward.

Product Marketing

Our Strategic Product Agency blends strategy, design, story, and video to tell intoxicating stories and create powerfully attractive brands for your technology innovations.

By aligning the business case, marketing messages, and scientific/clinical value propositions from the initial stages, we streamline the process from inception to commercialization, de-risking the regulatory path while minimizing clinical validation costs.

Our scientific, regulatory, and product marketing experts work in tandem throughout the development of your innovations. In combination with our scientific and clinical teams, we ensure flexible and broad indications for use and powerful product positioning that leverage all of your innovation’s potential.

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